Meet our People

The Story Of HeadQuarters

HeadQuarters was founded as a response to our valley’s suicide rate and has been an effort to get people to the right place at the right time while eliminating barriers to getting there. Mental illness and substance abuse rank among the top issues that have the greatest impact on health in our community. Hike Hope Heal, an event that raised money for the community’s mental health fund, was the impetus for HeadQuarters.

With support of the community and the founder of the Mental Health Fund, Lawrence Altman, HeadQuarters blossomed into an organization connecting community members to early-intervention tools and resources, supporting them via unique modalities and financial assistance, building their knowledge, and inspiring a sense of belonging.

Executive Board

Nichole O'Neil
Interim President

Nichole O’Neil is a management consultant with a global consulting firm. A Virginia native, Nichole earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from Virginia Tech. In early 2021, Nichole relocated to the Roaring Fork Valley – seeking a change like most do when moving to a small mountain town. While she loved the immediate access to the outdoors, learning new sports and exploring her new home, other parts of building a life in a new place felt challenging and isolating. She used the provider directory on our website to find a local therapist and began looking for ways to volunteer. Nichole wants to serve our valley in a greater capacity and is passionate about mental fitness, early prevention and equitable access to healthcare. Nichole is humbled and honored to serve on the board for HeadQuarters. Small local communities have so much to offer and she hopes she can help people find their place here as she continues to work on finding hers. Nichole can be found biking, hiking, running and skiing, practicing yoga, tackling her reading list, using her art materials and continuously trying to stay hydrated at altitude. She’s always up for a hike, a coffee and a real conversation. 

Erik DaRosa


Erik DaRosa, known by friends as “Yoda,” is the Founder and CEO of From Survivor to Thriver, a mental health advocate, speaker, author and Co-host of the popular From Survivor to Thriver podcast. Through his work and his own lived experience, Erik is upending the front-end of the mental health space and building a bridge between those who seek resources and those who provide both help and hope. He aims to normalize discussions around mental health topics and remind his audience they are not alone, there is strength in community and “it’s perfectly ok to not always be ok.”

In 2011, Erik traded in a successful career as a NYC finance executive when he moved to Colorado with his wife and two cats. Erik has spent twelve winters as a ski instructor for the Aspen Skiing Company and is excited to launch his U-MOST (Unlocking Minds On Snow Together) ski and snowboard program in the Winter of 2024.

Born and raised in New England, Erik earned his MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business and his BA in Economics from Brandeis University. 

Ashley Connolly

Ashley Connolly, LPC,  is a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Aspen.  She has over 15 years of providing direct mental health care to individuals.  She received her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and her graduate degree from Loyola University Chicago.  Ashley specializes in addiction and recovery, and offers a 12 week intensive therapeutic sober coaching program in additition to traditional mental health psychotherapy.  Ashley is an active volunteer at the local schools and the recovery community, serves on the board of the Pitkin County library  in addition to her board service with Headquarters.  Ashley is a Mom of two active boys, a runner, a skier, a yogi, a novice golfer, and is passionate about helping others live their best lives and optimizing personal wellness! 

Bio Photo-RayKeeling
Raychl Keeling

As a mother and longtime resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, Raychl is passionately devoted to conscious community development and growth supported by our local nonprofits. With a playful heart and curious mind, Raychl is empathetic to the recurrent highs and lows of living in the mountains, having experienced the joys of the spirit and the grips of human suffering herself. As a board member, Raychl seeks to inspire community engagement and investment to support peace and longevity as the valley’s lifestyle. We improve our community and save lives by sharing mental fitness resources and offering compassionate connections.

Eric Abrahamovich

Eric Abrahamovich is a lifelong Roaring Fork Valley Local with a deep appreciation for what makes this valley so irreplaceable. The outdoors have always been paramount to his mental health and overall wellbeing, causing him to move back to the valley after 8 years away in Texas and Boulder. While in Texas, Eric graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Economics and a minor in Business Management. After a short stint in commercial real estate while living a lifestyle he was unhappy with, he sought out an all men’s retreat in Steamboat, CO called The Foundry. He spent two months at the Foundry learning about mental health, addiction, physical health, emotional wellbeing, and an overall spiritual education that brought him out of a destructive way of life and into one of deep gratitude and appreciation for the life we all have in front of us despite what our pasts may look like. Yoga was a big part of The Foundry’s curriculum, and after leaving, Eric moved to Boulder, CO and began instructing yoga at an all men’s rehab facility called Choice House with men who were deeply struggling and fresh off of a destructive life path, just as Eric was a year prior. This experience created a deep yearning to help those in need of guidance and established a desire to be involved and give back to the community.

Rachel Cossman

Fascinated by the human condition, my career path has consistently been very people centric. From studying English literature and psychology in school, to managing upscale French restaurants, and for the past 27 years, brokering real estate transactions in New Jersey, the Adirondack Mountains of upstate NY, the low country of Charleston, SC, and now in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley with Engel & Völkers. I’ve specialized in relationships and believe they are crucial to maintaining mental fitness which is why I am giving back on the HeadQuarters Board.

Leadership & Advisory Board

Lawrence Altman Founder

Lawrence is a successful trader of over 28 years – Trader X Aspen. Lawrence started the mental health community fund to financially support community members of the valley in seeking mental health treatment when they could otherwise not afford to do so. He is the co-founder to Aspen Strong (HeadQuarters parent organization). He is passionate about helping the community of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley in overcoming their struggle with mental illness.

Georgina Melbye

Georgina Melbye is an attorney at the law firm Kalamaya | Goscha. Her practice focuses on family law and other types of personal disputes. Originally from Boulder, she graduated from Cornell University and pursued a law degree at the University of Colorado. Shortly after graduating in 2014, she moved to Aspen to begin her legal career. In her practice, she often works with professionals in the mental health field to assist on disputes relating to child custody. Recognizing the great need for mental health support in the valley, she is excited to serve HeadQuarters and support the greater community. When not on the slopes or in the office, Georgina can be found mountain/dirt biking, hiking and camping. 

Kathleen Elizabeth Callahan

Kathleen Elizabeth Callahan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a thriving private practice in Aspen, where she provides comprehensive treatment for anxiety, depression, ADHD, couples, and families. Additionally, Kathleen offers expertise in athletic performance coaching, catering to individuals seeking to enhance their sporting abilities. With a rich history of nonprofit development and leadership, Kathleen is a founding member of Aspen Strong, a testament to her commitment to mental health advocacy. She is deeply invested in educating the community about mental health and wellness resources available in the Roaring Fork Valley. Her dedication is exemplified through her administration of Hospitality Matters; Serving Human Kindness, a free bi-monthly support group designed to address the unique challenges faced by individuals working in the hospitality industry in the region. Through this initiative, Kathleen collaborates with local community resources to provide practical solutions and support. Kathleen’s passion for making a positive impact is unwavering, and she expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to such meaningful endeavors. Her dedication to fostering mental health awareness and her proactive approach to community engagement make her an invaluable asset to Aspen and beyond.


Angilina Taylor

Executive Director

Angilina brings passion for Mental Fitness to the Executive Director position based on lived experiences and is devoted to being a part of the movement to change the conversation around mental health & wellbeing. Before making the switch into the nonprofit sector, Angilina had 17 years of business strategy and development experience leading and inspiring teams in the product creation market both as a corporate leader and an entrepreneur.

Lindsey Lupow

Program Director

Lindsey brings a passion for helping others and an excitement to change the way we approach mental health in America. Lindsey sat on the board for several years before joining the team as their Program Director. She had been in the finance industry for eighteen years before realizing her passion for the mental health sector.  Lindsey states, “It’s time we change the mental healthcare system. We should support Mental Fitness and long-term preventative mental health for all – that way less people end up in crisis in the first place.”