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Access The Mental Health Fund

Approval for access to funds must be submitted by your therapist—not by you. 

The HQ Mental Health Fund—held at Aspen Community Foundation—supports the safety and security of individuals and families who are in need of mental health services, and who cannot afford to pay for treatment. The Mental Health Fund was established in 2011, by Joan and Lawrence Altman, and today is supported by generous donors.

Eligible services include private therapy, group therapy, and psychiatric assessment, not to exceed 10 sessions per request. Requests to the Fund must be made by your provider. 

Am I eligible for support through the Mental Health Fund?  

If you don’t yet have a provider, please use our Provider Directory to connect with a therapist and let them know that you are seeking support through the Mental Health Fund. 

To be eligible for support from the Mental Health Fund, you, as the patient, must: 

  • Reside from Aspen to Parachute in the Roaring Fork Valley and Colorado River Valley Corridor (see our service map here)
  • Be referred for mental health services by a private practitioner or agency
  • Be uninsured, under-insured, or have serious financial hardship

If you meet these criteria, your provider must also: 

  • Be licensed to practice in Colorado, and hold liability insurance
  • Agree to see you at a reduced rate (they can find a rate table on the provider application below) 
  • Agree to connect you to ancillary community support and resources, to make sure that you have the support you need, after the funded time period 

How the Process Works

  1. Mental health providers may click here to access the provider application.
  2. With the application, providers must send a signed W-9, a copy of their liability insurance, and a copy of their license to practice in the state of Colorado.
  3. Once enrolled mental health providers must submit a patient application and patients must compete their patient information form for financial assistance on a case by case basis. (Spanish language application)
  4. Funding is awarded to the mental health provider, not to the individual directly.
  5. If successful in securing funds, reporting is required by both the provider and the grantee recipient involved.
Your provider can reach out to us with any questions at [email protected]

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