Explore the Mental Fitness Toolbox

HQ maintains this toolbox so you can find exactly what you need for your journey to Mental Fitness.


What’s a Mental Fitness Toolbox? 

Each of us needs something that’s unique to our bodies and minds. We recommend that everyone choose three to five tools they know they can rely on when life gets to be too much. 

Whether you are looking for help dealing with specific emotions or incidents, or looking for help for someone else, you’ll find everything you need right here. Some resources are local to our region, like support groups and services; some resources are useful no matter where you live, like videos, articles, worksheets, and more. 


You’ll find suggestions here for breathing exercises, art therapies, exercise, meditation, coaching, diet, therapy, and more —so you can find just what you need. 

Our partners at Triad EAP offer a great guide to setting up your own self-care plan—you can download it here and match the resources you find to what you need. 

Browse the toolkit below to find resources specific to your needs… 

and explore our blog for more mental health tips, resources, and stories! 

What Are You Feeling?

What Do You Want Help With?

Looking For Local Resources and Live in Colorado?


Response Their mission is to work with our community in Aspen & the upper Roaring Fork Valley to end domestic and sexual abuse and to support survivors in achieving safety and empowerment.

Advocate Safehouse Project They promote healthy relationships free from violence through education, advocacy, empowerment and safehousing.

Family Visitor Programs was established to address community concerns about increases in child abuse identified by a needs assessment in the 1980s.

CHILD ABUSE in Garfield County
CHILD ABUSE in Eagle County
CHILD ABUSE in Pitkin County

Academic Stress

Aspen Learning Center – Tutoring
Aspen Youth Center – Academic support is offered through a partnership with Aspen Learning Center. If you would like to learn more, please email [email protected]. Scholarships are available and no one will be turned away due to an inability to pay.

Transitioning into College
Set to Go – the transition from high school to college and adulthood.

An Overwhelming Experience


Bipolar Disorder
Bi-Polar 101
Aetheria: Mental illness feels like free floating in space. Aetheria helps you get back down to Earth. (IOS ONLY)

Body Image/eating Disorders

Eating Disorders – Infographic
Recovery Record – Eating disorder treatment management from the privacy of your mobile phone.
Eating Disorders 101


Bullying Or Harassment

Protecting Kids in the Digital Age – Mind Springs

Verena: a personal security system for marginalized communities that protects them before, during, and after hate crimes, abuse, and bullying. (IOS ONLY)

Safe2Tell Anonymus Reporting: 24/7

  • An anonymous way for students, parents, school staff and community members to report concerns regarding their safety or the safety of others.
  • Resources and materials for schools and communities to educate and promote the Safe2Tell Colorado initiative.
  • Technical assistance to schools and communities before and after tragic events.
  • Expertise in creating safer schools and communities through prevention and early intervention.
  • Education, awareness, and outreach to encourage reporting and breaking the code of silence.


Financial Issues

Gender and sexuality issues

The Trevor Project GLAAD

The Safe Zone Project 

Jed Foundation

Aspen Out 

Pride Counseling
Therapists that specialize in the LGBTQ community.

The It Gets Better Project’s mission is to uplift, empower, and connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth around the globe.

GLMA Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality is an organization that works to connect people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender with welcoming healthcare providers. You can visit the site to search their provider directory to find healthcare professionals in your area.

PFLAG was the first organization devoted to helping parents, families, and allies support LGBTQ+ people. Today, the organization supports a network of more than 400 local chapters found throughout the United States. Through their site, you can locate or even start a local chapter of the support organization.

Q Chat Space allows LGBTQ+ teens to participate in online support groups that are professionally facilitated. All members are verified and the facilitators guide conversations and enforce group rules to ensure safety. The site also offers an option for Spanish-speaking LBGTQ+ youth.

LGBTQ+ Support Group Local LGBTQ+ youth can participate in a peer support group led by YouthZone. This will run every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. Sign up now by calling 970-945-9300 or stop by the YouthZone office

Online Trans & Nonbinary Adults 40+ Support Group
This peer-led group welcomes all transgender and nonbinary adults to an online space where they can come together for conversation and connections. 

Online Trans Masculine Support Group
This online peer lead and confidential support group is for individuals who were assigned female at birth and identify as trans men, trans masculine, and/or female-to-male (FtM)


Mommy Matters – Aspen Hope Center
A Social Group for New Moms
Looking for a chance to connect with other moms who’ve “been there, done that” and will really understand? Join us for Mommy Matters, a social group for new moms and their babies! Mommy Matters gathers twice a month in Basalt and provides a chance for new mothers from up and down the valley to relax and socialize with other moms and their little ones. Join us for a little downtime and discussion. Mommy Matters is sponsored by the Aspen Hope Center and is facilitated by Mia Wilson, a licensed psychotherapist.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Resource Center (Coalition)

Postpartum Support International
Call the PSI HelpLine:
 #1 En Español or #2 English


Post Traumatic Disorder

Thought Diary: free mood journal and thought record for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Relationship Issues

Coping with Divorce

A Research-Based Approach to Relationships

Gottman Card Decks For Couples

Love is Respect is the national resource to disrupt and prevent unhealthy relationships and intimate partner violence by empowering young people through inclusive and equitable education, support, and resources.

Self-harm or suicide ideation

Social media or tech issues

Substance abuse and addiction

Workplace issues