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Looking For Local Resources?​


Are you a parent or caregiver seeking better ways to connect and communicate with your children? Or an educator striving to help your students manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors? FocusedKids partners with schools, families, and community organizations to teach brain-based social emotional skills that reduce overwhelm and promote calm. We integrate mindful self-regulation skills and brain-building techniques into daily routines to increase resilience, self-awareness, and academic potential. In partnership with the Behavioral Health Leadership Group, FocusedKids works to build healthy brains using a shared language and skillset, making life easier for everyone. 


HQ maintains this list of agencies local to the Colorado River Valley Corridor who can help with various mental health needs. We don’t provide these services — but you can reach out directly to these local organizations. 

Download the Pitkin County Mental Health Resource Guide – PDF

Looking for immediate help? Call 911 if someone is at immediate risk of harm to themselves or others. If you or a loved one are feeling suicidal or at risk of self-harming, call the Crisis Line 24/7 at 844-493-8255 or text TALK to 741741. For the local crisis line at Aspen Hope, call 970-925-5858, or call 988 for the National Suicide Help Line. 

Want to talk to a real person? Call 844-493-8255 or text TALK to 741741 to reach a live volunteer any time of day or night. 

Looking for support in Spanish? ALGUIEN QUE HABLA ESPAÑOL: Call Valley Settlement at 970-963-0851 or the Mountain Family Health Center at 970-989-1109.

Looking for support with grief and loss? Try Pathfinders at 970-925-1226.

Want to find children and families therapy and resources?

Want to find places that help provide therapy if you are uninsured or unable to pay?

Access the Provider Directory to find private therapists that accept the Mental Health Fund.

Looking For Help With Substance Use And Addiction? ​

Want to find resources that specifically support LGBTQ+ people?

  • Pathfinders: 970-925-1226
  • The Trevor Project: The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ persons. 
  • The Safe Zone Project: LGBTQ+ Support Groups and Safe Zone training workshops are one of the best places to start learning about all things LGBTQ+. Local LGBTQ+ youth can participate in a peer support group led by YouthZone. Call at 970-945-9300 or stop by the YouthZone office.
  • Online Trans & Nonbinary Adults 40+ Support Group: This peer-led group welcomes all transgender and nonbinary adults to an online space where they can come together for conversation and connections.
  • Online Trans Masculine Support Group: This online peer lead and confidential support group is for individuals who were assigned female at birth and identify as trans men, trans masculine, and/or female-to-male (FtM).

Looking For Help With Medication For Mental Health Needs?​