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Andrew Pollesel

Hello! My name is Andrew Pollesel. I’ve been part of HeadQuarters for almost two years and have lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for nine years. What drew me to HeadQuarters is their mission, ‘HeadQuarters engages, educates, and empowers mental fitness to create a healthy, vibrant community.’

Before my career in Real Estate, I spent 14 years in the special education field. Working closely with clients, students, and community members is where I came face-to-face with depression, anxiety, and mental health ailments.

It wasn’t until 2015, did I feel a direct blow to the harsh realities of mental health. My best friend, and my first friend here in the valley, took their own life. The feeling was indescribable. I felt hurt, frustrated, angry, and saddened. I played the ‘what if’ game and looked for answers that weren’t readily available. As years passed, the all too common theme of suicide seemed more prevalent in our area. I felt a calling to help fellow community members and ‘normalize’ conversations of ‘it’s ok not to be ok.’ I wanted to ensure people felt heard and to help them in navigating our valley’s fantastic resources.

Going back to HeadQuarters mission statement, it states, ‘…paving the way for a healthy, vibrant community,’ community is the operative word. No matter your circumstance, you’re not alone; community is here for you. HeadQuarters  champions having that message heard far and wide, and I’m here for it.